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Editorial Policy

At BTC Wires Journalistic standards are of utmost importance so as to deliver them the exclusive and genuine content to our readers. you must agree to these terms , If you’re looking forward to publishing with us, and understand that if you do not follow them, your article may never be published by us. A contract will be furthered to this effect where you will be required to draft a written agreement to this policy.


Those authors who are looking forward to publishing with us, we would like to make it clear that we expect only original works from them. So as to ensure no chance of any copyright infringement issues this would include Plagiarism checks as well. Articles sent to us have to be ‘never-published-before’ articles that will then need to be passed by our editors. We encourage you to focus towards content that is valuable to the reader.

Claims And Data

We dwell upon all claims and data regarding crypto issues and strongly recommend thorough examination before including it in articles. We have no place for any false claims or prejudiced data by clients. We assure our readers that the entire data published on our website is already available in public domain and is verified by experts. We expect writers to link the data/statistics/claims to the respectable website where it was published previously.


Our editors are always in the quest for articles that engage our readers. for the readers to discover they are looking for articles that must have an intrinsic value.. In order to help our readers to understand the nuances of various cryptocurrencies, we are continuously researching for quality based content. All the articles should be completely unprejudiced and there should be no promotion/marketing of any currency, market or company whatsoever.

Promotions And Marketing

For marketing or promotional purposes we do not expect any article to contain claims or information about a crypto/company/person. It is important to note that the title, sub heading and the content of your articles should always remain unambiguous and unbiased. We do not encourage using any promotional/marketing links in our articles.

Acceptance Of The Article

It is exclusively dependent on the editorial board to accept the articles. Our editors have complete authority over accepting or rejecting articles without an explanation. You will be informed via notification on your profile and email when an article is accepted. The decision of the board will be final and binding to all the writers.


Before the writers submit their final drafts we expect them to make sure of verification with credible sources. We find it necessary to pay key attention on the genuinity of each post before publication despite having smaller timelines for publication on the platform. We hope that for each of the news articles and data presented in the post writers can provide empirical evidence, if any.

BTC Wires expects all the writers to incorporate this editorial policy for creating finest content for our readers